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UNFINNISHED BUSINESS: Mikko Löppönen On Fighting For Film In Finland

Independent film has always been a sprawling and vast field to cover. It's network is always in flux with various people connecting with others and collaborating; Following the work of Fernando Jay Huerto eventually brought me to the likes of actress, martial artist and musician, Jessica Wolff, who has shown immense screen caliber in numerous projects she's worked on.
Such include sci-fi actioner, Fray and bloody revenge thriller, Eliza, the latter which staunchly remains one of the biggest jewels I've ever helped promote despite its current myopia. Its helmer, fellow Asian cinephile, Mikko Löppönen stands significantly as one of the best examples of contemporary action cinema today even in his current form. He's practical in his approach though, and quite modest despite having as much an interest as any passionate filmmaker.
His vocation in action films came seldom with his own screentime than behind the lens, favorably. Primary visits to to the local video store and ab…

THE SCOUNDRELS Get Up Close And Personal In The First Sales Art For Taiwan Crime Pic

Ablaze Image is on hand at Filmart for Hung Tzu Hsuan's directorial debut, The Scoundrels, hailing from Golden Bell winning writer Huang Chien Ming. Their latest, gritty new poster art is now online along with fresh new details.
Rui, once a famous basketball player, faces his downfall and works as a street-parking fee collector, who also accepts jobs from a car theft gang.One night, a robber hijacks Rui when he accidentally spots a seriously injured woman in the vehicle. Now the police and the public see Rui as the suspect of the bank robbery, and the girl who could clear his name remains unconscious. How can Rui get himself out of this quagmire? The Taiwanese action crime drama also stars Wu Kang Ren, JC Lin and Hsieh Hsin Ying. A release date remains pending but alas, the poster below sets the tone accordingly.

Benny Chan's CROSSFIRE Lines Up Donnie Yen Action Thriller For EMP

Actor and action star Donnie Yen is maintaining his high profile at Filmart in Hong Kong, including a pair of titles currently being sold under Hong Kong’s Mega-Vision Project Workshop that list Kam Ka-Wai's Big Brother and Tanigaki Kenji's Enter The Fat Dragon. Both have made headlines quite a bit in the past year in addition to several others that are also being shopped at Filmart while the latest is just breaking out of Asia by way of Emperor Motion Pictures.
For this, we turn to a recent teaser poster circulating ahead of production for Call Of Heroes helmer Benny Chan action thriller, Crossfire. The project is being hailed as a big budget spectacle that will star Yen as a former police inspector who travels to South America to rescue his kidnapped wife. The title stand among a bustling raft of films hosted by EMP with Dante Lam getting first billing for another spectacular military action spectacle to follow up his previous successes in Operation Mekong (2016), and Opera…

LIMBO: Peep The First Teaser Poster For Soi Cheang's Action Thriller Announced At Filmart

Filmart is underway in Hong Kong and with it, a raft of titles being announced and discussed, the latest including actor Gordon Lam (Firestorm) in the new thriller, Limbo. Soi Cheang of The Monkey King and S.P.L. 2 fame helms this one now under Bravos's international sales roster in Hong Kong with Lam starring as a detective on the trail of a serial killer.
As Screendaily notes, Cheang pairs once more with producers Wilson Yip and Paco Wong with Mason Lee joining Lam as a rookie cop, with actress Cya Liu who stars as a woman assigned to the case while and burdened from accidentally killing the detective's family. Sun Entertainment Culture, Er Dong Pictures, Bona Film Group and Sil-Metropole Organization are producing the film which earned a presentation at Filmart on Monday which includes a first teaser poster.
Take a look!

Review: Dan Tondowski's ACCIDENT Stumbles And Tumbles Into Suspense Movie Mundanity

Dan Tondowski's directorial debut is easily a film anyone who's seen their fair share of horror and suspense thrillers has seen before. There's plenty to endulge in despite the mundane and predictable delivery and it's mainly up to the viewer just how much more of it is tolerable midway into his first film, Accident.
Bad decision making is a near-constant theme from the film's start as Caroline dupes her best friend, Jess, into trying to connect with friends to a gathering. Instead, they are left stranded moments before haplessly deciding to hitch a ride with two friends, Fred and Thomas, to get to where they need to go.
The rest of the narrative is as you would expect with the foursome suddenly crashing down a ravine. Hours pass amid heavy evening rain and with Caroline bearing the worst of injuries as she's trapped inside with no way out, in addition to a downed powerline, another damaged vehicle and an unsavory cliff - a predicament worsens after the girls…

THE LAST SAVAGE: Peep The Enticing Details And Preliminary Art For 'Beyond Skyline' Helmer's Latest Endeavor

Here's something to ponder this weekend: What lies ahead for Beyond Skyline director Liam O'Donnell with his next adventure? Such is cause to bring attention to The Last Savage for which O'Donnell's script was one of the three main winners during the IFFAM Project Market late last year curated by Todd Brown.
The synopsis alone reads plentily of what looks to be as spectacular a jungle survival revenge thriller that may very well read your mind of familiar movie titles before long. The director's own statement at the time also lends to that very notion next to the following premise and needless to say, if you're of my mind, I already know that you know you want this movie too. A cataclysmic flood leaves a boy stranded on a remote island where he’s raised by a family of tigers into Buas, a lethal savage. But Peyton, a high-tech hunter arrives and kills his adopted family before bringing the captured Buas to The Rig, an overpopulated steel island built atop drowne…

THE ORDER Cast And Crew: "We Have Not Given Up!"

Select cast and crew members of upcoming action thriller, The Order, took to YouTube on Friday to give fans an update on the crowdfunded and hotly-anticipated feature length film. The video comes nearly two years since the production launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to give the production the right jumpstart it needed prior to further development that would have hopefully seen cameras rolling by now.
I'll leave it to you to watch the video for all the T's and I's otherwise crossed and dotted, but the gist of it is that according to actress and executive producer Karan Ashley, the team reportedly did everything by the book to see its house in order only to see their efforts cut short. A forced shutdown of the film ensued along with legal fees among other addenums that took a chunk out of the budget.
Ashley does alert fans that this doesn't mark the end-all-be-all of the film's journey, with word that the film has since been in recovery mode as the team co…

WRATH OF SILENCE: Don't Miss The Chilling International Trailer For Xin Yukun's Brutal Mystery Thriller

China's changing political atmosphere undoubtedly set the tone for quite a bit of backlog late last year for theatrical releases. Award-winning director Xin Yukun fell to the chopping block himself as well upon the stunted rollout of his latest crime thriller, Wrath Of Silence, although it appears at last the smoke has cleared and with a date set for April 4, the campaign otherwise continues with new posters at hand. ZHANG Baomin (SONG Yang) is a miner who works far away from home because of some disputes he had with the townsfolk years ago, whilst his wife and son remain near the mountains running a small sheep farm.One day, Baomin learns that his son Lei hasn't come back from shepherding for two days. He goes back to find his son. His appearance back in town makes people anxious.Searching for his son, Baomin heads for the rough and dangerous mountains, but the resentment and distrust of the townsfolk leads them to turn a blind eye to the reality of a missing child, and the c…

Fasten Your Seatbelts For The Official TAXI 5 Trailer

Next month the wait ends for French theatergoers with the release of action crime comedy entry, Taxi 5. The official trailer arrived at the tail end of this week signaling the efforts of actor and director Frank Gastambide who takes the mantle nearly two decades since the franchise took off.
Gastambide leads the narrative for the role of Sylvain Marot, a Marseille police transfer assigned to stop a notorious gang of Italian robbers with powerful Ferraris. His only help there after turns out to be Eddy, a hapless taxi driver and as it stands, grand-nephew to that of Daniel, played previously by celebrated actor Samy Naceri.
Actor Malik Bentalha takes on the role of Eddy joining Gastambide with returning franchise co-star Bernard Farcy whose role as Commissioner Gilbert sees him transitioning as a Mayor this time around. Follow along with the official trailer below and you'll be welcomed to an appetizer loaded with gags and high-speed thrills that aim to make this fifth installment a …

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Seethes With Foreboding Doom In The Final Trailer

Leave it to the Russo Brothers - Anthony and Joe - to make your Friday one to remember. Under Marvel's care and nuturement they're ever closer to bringing fans another epic step closer to the very "end" they continue to tease with the forthcoming April release of Avengers: Infinity War, and with it, a final trailer to happy segue fans from the thrills shared in Taika Watiti's Thor: Ragnarok and the global billion dollar success earned by the fruition of Ryan Coogler's Black Panther.
Bear these in mind with more on the way from the studio along with earlier spin-off and solo hopes of Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow and Danai Gurira's stellar role as Okoye in the Chadwick Boseman starrer. Time will surely tell if things take shape, but alas, Thanos's reckoning awaits and nearly a decade later and following the fallout from Captain America: Civil War, it's up to our heroes once again to take the mantle and save the world.
So, busines as usual?…

THE NEW GODS: Ava DuVernay To Adapt Jack Kirby's DC Superhero Saga For Warner Bros.

Dominic Patten and Mike Fleming Jr. are reporting from Deadline as of Thursday that Ava DuVernay is onto directing yet another big scale event film following her milestone effort with A Wrinkle In Time. Thus, following Selma helmer's own interest in superheroes via Twitter last year, comic book adaptation, The New Gods, will be the project forthcoming from the pages of DC under Warner Bros. Pictures, as inspired by Jack Kirby's 1971 creation of the same name.
The New Gods was the Genesis of the uber-villain Darkseid. Also called “Fourth World,” the Kirby creation debuted in a trilogy of related comics written and drawn by Kirby that were published in the very early 1970s: New Gods, Forever People and Mister Miracle. The New Gods came into existence after the world of the gods of classic mythology were destroyed during Ragnarok. The deities inhabit two planets: one is New Genesis, a lush paradise, and the other Apokolips, which sounds like Dante’s version of hell. War ensues.